Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Idiot foolish deformed Brother of Wikipedia ... Uncyclopedia

We can consider the free encyclopedia Wiki pedia one of the greatest human achievements in history. A genius open content idea leaded to accumulated information contributed by thousands of contributors from all over the world which leaded to a great free growing encyclopedia. Nowadays it seems that some people tried to build a similar project in a hilarious way, i really thought it would be a good idea to make a parallel mocking encylopedia to the serious one, i thought it will express the mockery side of the world and it will show how history had the most strange and weird events. I thought it will give the space to people in the 3rd world to express their views to what is going around them. It has a similar structure of wiki pedia and the same search box which in i wrote the word Wiki pedia to know what's wrote in the new funny encyclopedia, i shocked as i read "Wikipedia is a ruled by Dr. Phil, live from a soundstage in Hollywood California. It is a proven scientific fact that after reading this site, Wikipedia sucks" and in the same page it says "Some say that it is actually a database including such things as: lists of trains, Mortal Kombat characters, one-time villains from Mario games, road intersections, boring suburban schools, garage bands, cats, dead flounders,....".But i disappointed when i searched for the word Islam i shocked as i saw the most racist words as they describe middle easterners by barbarians, "A person of the Islamic faith (i.e. Islamist) is appropiately referred to as a "Towelhead"".Towelheads are known to beat up women, especially their own spouses, in contrast to our Holy Nation of Christianity, whose members only carry out such deeds when drunk upon the beautiful alcohol that the Christian God saw fit to give us. Baby Jesus be praised". I noticed also that the edit button is invisible in Islam pages so noone can change what wrote there. in Christianity page i found mocking pictures for Christ. Actually the site doesn't pay respect for anything. the site is some accumulative crap which ends with a big crappy site. Its so disappointed that i didn't find a space for true ironic information about current events or history. A site like this could be used to show the hidden true weird stuff in science, literature, history, art and other different aspects of world or at least a funny logic criticism . Instead of this, they put all wrong information about almost anything they want to talk about. they even don't know what is the difference between mockery and incorrect information as they describe Iran by communist state !!!.The most disgusting thing to me that they try to imitate the great wiki pedia.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Fruits of wahhabism in Iraq

Nowadays, we find different interpretation of the violence in Iraq. some of those interpretations refer it to the American invasion, the interference of Iran and Surya, the Iraqi weak structured society, the Shiah militias or the Sunni militias.but i have another theory about this violence. this violence is a phenomenon which we have to look at its roots to analyze its reasons and causes. everyday watch dozens of people being killed from unknown people, explosions in mosques, a suicidal explosion in market in a Shiah market. all this blood shedding doesn't spring from nonsense or just because of the American army. those people who kill the same religion brother and explode mosques is not just some one who is against furious or resist the foreign existence. they serve, according to their beliefs, their religion. they are killing the infidel Shiah the betrayers who delivered the country to the infidel Americans. moreover, its just because they are Shiah. but why?. Aren't them Muslims also?. Back to their beliefs we will find most of them are wahhabists who believe that Shiah are, simply, infidels, people of heresy, non believers, misleaders. what's wahhabism?. Wahhabism is an Orthodox Islamic movement, named after Muhammad ibn Abd al Wahhab17031792). It is the dominant form of Islam in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and recently Western Iraq. Earlier Wahhabies started with standing against Islamic Sufism by infidelizing them. they started to be against other Muslims. they rebelled against some of the islaimc scholars like Ibn Arabi who Some Sunnis reject the notion that he was a Muslim. they divest him of Islam just because they didn't understand his words which sprang from a high spiritual status not just him but other dozens of other Muslim scholars. from this old beginning they started the ideology of mind terrorism by easily infidelizing people and anyone who doesn't share the same beliefs with them. they started to demolish Islamic shrines telling people that going there is polytheism, so we have an interpretation now for exploding shrines in Iraq nowadays, they quoted some text from Ibn taymyah and Ibn el Quayem which infidelizing Shiah Muslims. Some sources say that Wahhabism wasn't wide spreaded movement till the So'uds (Al-soud) started fighting their way to the saudi crown, they used them to get a religious support to take control of tribes and to fight supporters of Prophet's successors (Al El-Biet ) who claimed their right to govern Al Hejaz and the Islamic holy lands this is because wahhabism's disbelief in Prophet's successors (Al El-Biet ) rights of governing Al Hejaz and sometimes to disrespect them. in other words Al-so'ud used the movement to gain some political gains over their rivals and in the same time they made a great favour to Wahhabism. As we notice wahhabism planted hostilities in the Islamic nation by divesting some Muslims from their religion merely because they don't share the same ideology. so what do we expect from them?. gradually their influence increased in Saudi Arabia, the educational courses filled up with their teachings, religious tapes and books were distributed freely with a high quality filled with their thoughts inspiring people minds with hatred, some of their books prohibited : watching TV, listening to music, Praying at tombs (praying at Mohammed's tomb, the prophet of Islam, is also considered "shirk (polytheism)"), Photographs or drawings of human beings or other living things, Visiting non Islamic countries, infidelizing Sufists and Shiah Muslims... etc.

Back to 1970s and maybe before this date when wahhabism developed to be a politico-religious ideology because of some reasons the most important one is the USSR invasion to Afghanistan and the US support to Mujaheddin, who were inspired by Saudi wahhabism by Saudi funds and youth like Osama bin laden, which finally leaded to USSR withdrawal from the country and the victory of mujaheddin in the battle against atheism. then the country converted to an exporter to a new version of wahhabism which implied a strict interpretation of Islamic Sharia with a narrow vision to the world and ideas of infidelize Arab governments, fighting the infidel west and fighting all those people who believe in other interpretations of the Islamic sharia.they returned to their own countries bearing the new version and dreaming to mobilize it to their nations. naturally the governments stood to fight back their ideas by force then they went terrorising people, believing that will straighten others who don't share their ideology.In Egypt, for example, they went to build a secret guerrillas which started to plant bombs, clubbing irreligious people and sometimes murdering Al-Azhar scholars who resisted the wahappy ideology, one of them was Al-Shiek Al-Thahabby. Not only in Egypt but this happened in Jordan, Algeria, Syria ... etc. even Saudi Arabia suffered from the armed extremist wahhabism. What The west doesn't remember that Terrorism began many years before 9/11 and Muslims suffered from it before non Muslims.

By the end of last century the matters became more quiet after some governments succeeded to over come the terrorist groups and because they lost the credibility among people in the Muslim countries to the level that everyone considered them the symbol of evil. but after the invasion of Iraq everything changed. they gained some credibility as all world saw what happened from some irresponsible US soldiers who tortured detainees in Abu Ghraib before that the unjustified war on Iraq, So that they didn't miss the chance, they went making video tapes calling Muslims to join them in the war against west asking them "What are you waiting for? your lands have been conquered, your sisters have been raped, your brothers murdered!" We must admit that those guys are so clever in blurizing the picture. So that we saw some youth who joined them in Europe and other countries, they established some secret groups in France. And as the American army gain its victory over Saddam regime they crossed the borders from Saudi and Syria to fight Americans and infidels who supported them in Iraq.

Actually some people may say that there are other militias in Iraq other than wahhapis like ex-ba'athies and Shiah militias who share some blood records in Iraq with wahhappies and they also do the same job of terrorism, Actually, this is pretty true but wahhapy militia started the blood shedding in Shiah neighborhoods and cities exploding Shiah mosques and shrines while Shiah militias hold the nerve for long time while. moreover anybody can see that wahabi actions were more significant like the blowing up of El-Askary shrine and lately the massacre of al-sadre city.

If u surfed net on extremist Wahabi sites u will see anti Shiah phrases which call them hypocrists, infidels, heresists, and traitorouses. i remember that i heard a wahabist describing shiah (the 15% of islamic nation ) in a tape "shiah, successors of Majous (fire worshippers)...". so what about future, We can find some of their plans in dead abu mosab al - zarqawy minorities from the Hard Drive when Iraqi prime minister revealed some of Zarqawy plans, this plans summarized as they try to entrap America into war on Iran by striking American interests in Iraq by covering the action and convincing world by Iran involvement in those terrorism actions then, after Iran's regime's fall they will get some valuable gains the first: liberating the Sunniinfidel shiah the second to get the weapons and ammo needed to go on in their fight (the same scenario as their weapons gains after Iraqi army defeat).

Finally, Iraq problem is the fruit of the hatred ideology which was awaiting just the chance to explode the matters and which was just some words written on some papers.it was a bloody project established in some books since hundreds of years. The Iraqi problem is not just because of the US army, may it gave some credibility to terrorists, remembering that Japan and Germany was in the same situation at the end of the WWII.All blood shedding in Iraq these days is just the final version of those people who were spreading hatred against Shiah ,Islamic Sufism and the others. The question now is:What will happen if US army withdraw and left the country to the militias?