Friday, December 29, 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy Eid FOR ALL HUMANITY

About 3.4 billion Christian and Muslim people around the world celebrate Christmas and Eid El-Adha (Muslims second feast) in the start of 2007 which give us hope that world will be a better place in 2007 and its a great opportunity to declare 2007 is a year for HUMANITY UNITY.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Human Resources and discrimination

This video demonstrates the importance of promotions planning and how the HR dept. can affect on the psychological side of the employees by good or bad promotions-salary structure. It also shows the gender discrimination by HR.


هذا الفيديو بيصور تاثير التخطيط الخطاء للوراتب و الترقيات كما انه يصور التفرقه بين الجنسين في الرواتب و الترقيات من ادارات المنظمات

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Retirment home of super heros .. everything comes to an end

This picture is designed by Martin Margulies. it depicts super heroes like Superman, the green man, Batman, ...etc. got old and live in retirement home where they lost all their super strength.

هذه الصوره من تصميم مارتن مارجيولسو هي تصور الابطال مثل سوبر ماريو و الرجل الاخضر و بات مان و سبايدر مان و هم في بيت المسنين و قد ظهرت عليهم علامات كبر السن و الشيخوخه

to translate the stuff into arabic

after a debate with one of my friends who advised me to translate my blog to Arabic and after i watched the work of another friend who translate each post into Arabic i decided to translate my posts to Arabic to widen the readers' scale.

بعد نقاش دار بيني و بين احد الاصدقاء و رؤيتي لتجربة احدهم في ترجمة مدونته فقد قررت ان اترجم كل ما انشره و هذا لتوسيع قاعدة القراء -ان وجدوا طبعا

Monday, December 11, 2006

Don't u ever think to be a programmer

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hard Disk in 1956.

This is Hard Disk in 1956. So, What about the whole Case ???!!
This is why my grandfather hadn't a PC !

Saturday, December 09, 2006

OScar project. a dream of an open car .

I like open source products so much even I'm not a programmer but i like the idea itself which means that several people around the glob cooperated to produce a genius thing all of this out of expressing their identity that they want to make difference or they want to be positive and creative humans. Linux and Firefox built by hundreds of volunteers who, finally, served the humanity by providing strong, free and new software which served researchers, engineers, teachers, developers .....etc. Also The open Content like Wiki Pedia where we can find any information about almost anything we want to know about.
But in hard ware world this trend seems not workable at the first sight, at least for me, till i found a german guy started a project in 1999 called OScar project which goal is to develop and build a car according to open-source (OS) principles. the guy called Markus Merz who is the son of Bavarian farmers. He studied agricultural sciences, before going to work for a nearby automotive plant, first as a production-line worker, then in communications, marketing, and new media.

The project swung several years till 2004 when it reach to be ruled by rules controlling the project elements. Merz he believes in the right to mobility for everyone.
they say about the idea ".

Currently, about 110 people from all over the world are involved with the OScar project, around the core team of three (and surrounded by another 1,000 or so who registered on the site but aren't playing an active role—yet, at least)

The idea behind the OScar project is simple: A community of people plans and develops a new car in the web. The idea is about the goal to develop a simple and innovative car, but also about the way how this goal is achieved. We would like to convey the idea of Open Source to “hardware” and we want OScar to be the precursor for many different projects in this field."

Actually The idea is great and whether it will succeed or not. but its an initiative to a new open sourced world where many people from many regions in the world share in the development of their own world by their own ideas.

For more you can see : Buseniss week
Oscar project

December 7th, 1941... Real Photos from a cerebrosus day

these are some original photos of The Pearl Harbor attack which pushed America to declare the war Against the axis in the WWII. The attack caused twenty-one ships of the U.S. Pacific fleet were damaged and the death toll reached 2,403 with 1,178 injured.

These are rare photos its hard to find them
THE GUY WHO SENT THESE RECEIVED THEM FROM AN OLD SHIPMATE ON THE USS QUAPAW ATF-11O . I even didn't find them on Wiki Pedia so i decided to upload them there.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Five years later, World Trade Center mail keeps comming

Mails to the Victims of the terrorist attack on the world trade center still being sent even they passed our world away five years ago. you can find insurance statements, college alumni newsletters, Telephone bills, wine club announcements and other stuff of newsletters being sent to the dead postal address of the world trade center Each bears the ZIP code once reserved exclusively for the twin towers: 10048.

Some of the significant compaines and research centers in the USA are among those senders because many of them didn't update their bulk mail lists. Or may be they don't want to forget the twin towers and their victims.

for me, i can't forget when world changed.